What do I need to open an account?

To open an account you need to have an initial deposit and two forms of identification. The first form of identification (primary ID) must be a government issued picture ID. Some examples include: drivers license, Nexus Card, passport, and military ID. The second form of ID can be a credit card, vehicle registration, proof of insurance, social security card, birth certificate or a similar identifying document.

How do I access the Access Line?

To connect with the Access Line, call 1-800-236-1651 or 906-635-8201. Once connected, follow the prompts to complete your banking.* Functions of the Access Line include: deposit account information, transfer funds between accounts, loan account information, interest rates and general information, verify funds in an account, and ATM or visa debit card functions.

*Note: First time users will use the last four numbers of the primary account holders Social Security Number and will be prompted to create a new PIN, as use of one’s Social Security Number is not permitted. The PIN cannot be sequential numbers such as 1234 or 4321, nor can it be 1111 or 9999 as these are easily guessed and not secure.

What are pending transactions?

Pending transactions are transactions that are currently taking place. Your account balance may reflect a debit or credit for a pending transaction, but the transaction is not officially completed until the end of the business day.

How can I request a stop payment?

To request a stop payment you can call 906-253-1180. Please note a $20.00 fee will be charged for the stop payment service.

How can I order checks?

You can order checks by calling Customer Service at 906-635-6250. You can also order checks online. This will direct you to the Deluxe Check order page.

What do I do if my debit card or credit card is lost or stolen?

If your debit or credit card(s) are lost or stolen please call 906-635-6250. If it is after hours, you can also call 1-800-236-1651 (Access Line) and report your card lost or stolen.

What is the transit routing number for Central Savings Bank?

Central Savings Bank’s ABA routing number is 091101280.

Why is my debit card not working?

You may make three cash withdrawals, not exceeding $500.00 from terminals each day. Debit card purchases are limited to ten per day and not to exceed $2500.00 using your PIN number. (This is also known as a “Debit” transaction. This does not apply to ATM only cards. If you have met your limit you can still use your debit card but it must be processed as a credit and you will have to sign for your purchase. (This is also known as a “Credit” transaction. Transactions processed through credit are limited to ten purchases per day but are not to exceed $2500.00. This does not apply to ATM only cards. All daily dollar amounts previously listed are limited by the available balance of your account.

Some terminals may have other limits on the amount of withdrawals.

PLEASE NOTE, this will NOT make your debit card a credit card, the amount of the transaction will be debited from your account.

If you are traveling outside of the EUP, please call Central Savings Bank to let them know as there are added precautions for possible fraudulent activity in place for card use outside of our area.

Cards not used for six months will be deleted.

Are my deposits insured?

To find out how FDIC deposit insurance works, and estimate coverage on your deposits please click here to view the FDIC website.If your debit or credit card (s) are lost or stolen please call 906-635-6250. If it is after hours, you can also call 1-800-236-1651 (Access Line) and report your card lost or stolen.

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