Ring Tone

iPhone Users

  • Click Here
  • Select Save and Save to ITunes Folder
  • The next time you sync, the ringtone is transferred to iPhone
  • Select Settings, Sounds, Ringtone from home screen on your iPhone
  • Select "CSBTheme"

Other Users

  • Click Here.
  • Your Media Player will begin playing
  • Select File, Save As and save your file to the desired folder
  • Follow your phone manufacturers instructions to transfer the file to your phone and make it your ringtone
  • Select "CSBTheme"


  • Click Here.
  • Either create an account or connect to an existing account
  • Search for "CSBTheme" (one word-no spaces)
  • Follow the website's instructions for your service provider and phone

Mobile Email or Multi-Media Texting Users

  • Click Here.
  • If your phone has mobile email and/or multi-media texting
  • Click here to email us your Mobile: email address, phone number and it's make & model
  • Specify if you would prefer to receive your ringtone in a return email or text message*
  • Follow your manufacturer's instructions to create the ringtone
  • *Standard messaging rates may apply
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